Rainy story

-What a rain! And what a bad moment to tell you a story! Anyway, I’m gonna tell you.
It was a tall man who lived right across this street. This man was wearing only black clothes and a grey hat on his head. I have never seen people entering or leaving his house. Despite that, there was always clean as you could easily see on the big windows.
The story tells that he had a fortune, but nobody knows who is the right succesor. Other people said that he was bankrupt. Either way, he didn’t like children.
-And what happened to this man, grandpa?
-I think he died!
-And you let the story end like this?
-Why not!?!

3 thoughts on “Rainy story

  1. Cum poate un bunic să-i anihileze nepotului o viziune mai optimistă în privinţa omului înalt. Probabil că bunicul a sfârşit povestea pentru că s.a oprit ploaia.

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