I came back

Leave me in the darkness!
Shoot me! I’m already dead.
Forget me in the woods,
Kill me.
I understand.

Break me into pieces,
Build me high above;
I will fall again
And crush against the ground,
I’m connected to the Earth.

Drug me, please, do that for me!
I have just lost the reason to be.
Put me in a war,
For world I’m just a waste.
A waste of time!

Strike me a dozen times,
Burry me deep;
See I am awake,
But nobody can see.
Why it’s happening to me?

Cut deep into my skin,
Hide me behind the walls.
I’m decomposing,
But I cannot die,
Not yet!

You have one more thing to do:
Take my eyes out of the skull.
Place me on the ground
And cover me with dust;
I’m still waitin’.

I’m dead!
For all that I’m alive!
They understood
And sent me back
To kill.

(din arhiva mortladatorie)

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