Do you mind?

Nobody knows where I am. If I have told you, you wouldn’t believe me. In this tiny black room something dies and something borns. Here you wouldn’t know whether is night or day. Here nothing is sure. Nothing is right, but there’s nothing to be wrong. Here you can hide from you, finally finding yourself.
Here you can talk to yourself and find out that you should be outside asking yourself what would be inside this room. But you already know. Here is nothing: nothing to be seen, nothing to be said, nothing to be written. Nothing deserves to live in this room, though you are here. The life and the death are together in this room. You’re not afraid. Every living creature is half-good and half-evil.
What you have to do in a black room with no windows and no doors, with no roof, nor walls, nor floors? Think! That’s it! The only thing you can do here is to think. You can think about maths, foreign languages, art or just about the next day. There’s not too much time.
People are dieing outside. Why? They haven’t yet discovered how to use their minds.

One thought on “Do you mind?

  1. i like this article…. is a good idea, maybe they will realize eventually, that their minds should be used in good things that will help our country…….
    But we have to wait a long,long time until that happens….;)):)

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