They told me from the first time to relax. But I couldn’t. Every mission brought me something new. Every place that I’ve visited and every sunrise that I saw made me more fragile, more responding to the nature.
Every team-mate was kind and the weapons seemed to be some big toys in our hands. The forecast was good. And we always succeeded in our porpouses.
But today all is gone. The weather’s rainy, the team-mates are not any more around ... Citește mai departe!

Do you mind?

Nobody knows where I am. If I have told you, you wouldn’t believe me. In this tiny black room something dies and something borns. Here you wouldn’t know whether is night or day. Here nothing is sure. Nothing is right, but there’s nothing to be wrong. Here you can hide from you, finally finding yourself.
Here you can talk to yourself and find out that you should be outside asking yourself what would be inside this room. But you already ... Citește mai departe!