fool’s darkness

Let me take a sip of you
Before I drown in the poison
This vivid dream
Pours molten sadness in my grip

Hang my sorrow
My soul already crossing the sea
But you are here

I am listening to your eyes
From a sharp cold distance
Hugging the door to a time machine
Rotten memory

How dark can I be on the inside
That you can’t see
The grim present that I hold
The nightmarish love


Who am I? Do I dare to reveal my identity to the people? Am I that courageos? Maybe some day I will. Maybe that day I will learn how to love for real! Because now I’m just a kid who thinks is loving…you. Maybe not you, who are reading this, but she(whos name I can’t pronounce). Maybe some day she will be mature enough to tell me if she hated me or she loved me back. Because these are the ... Citește mai departe!